Latchways Fall Arrest Systems South Africa was founded in South Africa, registration No. CK 88/14749/23. Our company was very instrumental in the adaptation of the new SABS/EN standards in South Africa and our Managing Director Mr Antony Edwards launched the standards for the SABS on 24 August 2000.We also trained the 6000 users at Eskom on a national basis. We have designed, manufactured, installed and certified ±4 300 Fall Arrest Systems on Eskom Transmission Power lines to date.

Fall Arrest Systems South Africa is now designing, manufacturing and marketing Fall Arrest products in Africa and World Wide.

We are not a general safety company that supplies everything from safety boots, ear protection to Fall Arrest equipment, we are a company that focuses 100% on the design, manufacture and marketing of Fall arrest Systems and sub systems.

We represent some of the world leaders in this business, e.g. Latchways U.K. Ltd, IKAR etc to name a few. Our company has 18 years local experience in this business, however through our associated companies we have in excess of 100 years experience in this business, due to our World Wide associations we have a tremendous knowledge and experience base to call on if and when we feel it is required.

The products that are manufactured in South Africa carry both the SANS Mark (i.e. ISO9002) and the SANS/EN Standard. Products manufactured in our factories outside of South Africa carry both the CE Quality mark and the EN Standards mark.

All personnel working at height have been trained in the correct method of Height Safety and Climbing techniques. All personnel have been trained in the correct methods required to inspect their P.P.E. on a daily basis before use. All personnel have been trained to carry out basic risk analysis on site before carrying out work. Some of our personnel have been trained in the techniques to carry out basic rescue at height/tower rescue principles and techniques. We carry out annual refresher courses with all our company employees that are involved in working at height. All personnel are trained in the correct use of the Latchways Fall Arrest Systems that are installed on Vodacom towers. All personnel have been trained in correct/safe procedure requirements to enable them to carry out the installations of the Latchways Fall Industry in South Africa. Our company has and will continue to offer training courses for our Business Partners and Associates in the Fall Arrest Industry in South Africa. Our company has trained ±10 000 users of Fall Arrest and Height Safety Equipment in South Africa to date. Our company is constantly involved in updating and customizing training courses to suit our customer requirements. Our companies mission statement is that without our customers we have no business and that we learn as a company on a daily basis from our customer requirements and needs.