Many variations of the proven Latchways ManSafe fall arrest system are used to ensure worker safety at height throughout the aerospace industry.

The innovative ManSafe Wingrip system is fast becoming the industry standard solution to the problem of protecting individuals whilst working at height on Aircraft. WinGrip can span the length of any aircraft wing and allow up to fours workers to access all areas of the wing without ever disconnecting making WinGrip the right choice for anyone who is serious about protecting individuals without slowing down or hindering maintenance times and quality. WinGrip singles also allows the user to attach to any other parts of the aircraft including the fuselage, vertical and horizontal stabilisers as well as the wing if needs be. WinGrip has been designed by aircraft engineers who know the reasons why we left out any electrical components making it safe to use with fuel tanks open and the system is rated for restraint and arrest in wet or dry conditions. WinGrip is the smallest and lightest vacuum anchor in the world and its so easy to use which is why Airbus now specify the system in the AMM for all aircraft type and Boeing use WinGrip during the build of the B787 Dreamliner.

At airports, ManSafe horizontal and inclined systems are used on building roofs, gantries and structures such as fuel tanks. ManSafe vertical systems are to be found on towers, ladders and telecommunications installations. And ManSafe systems for window maintenance are commonly used to safeguard workers cleaning windows and atriums. Airport customers include Lap Chep Kok, Stanstead, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Edinburgh.

ManSafe overhead systems are used by the likes of Boeing, Continental Airlines and British Aerospace in hangers where workers build or repair aircraft and need assured safety while operating on the wings or fuselage.

Similarly, the innovative ManSafe Wingrip system is employed where there is a need for a temporary safety at height system such as when conducting maintenance on the wings or fuselage of an aircraft parked on the apron or in a hanger without a permanent safety system.