The inherent flexibility of the Latchways ManSafe design concept is ideally suited to the often complex safety requirements of people working at height on bridges.

For example, on a suspension bridge, a ManSafe inclined system can be installed to protect workers as they maintain the cables, a horizontal system will make it safe to work on the underside of the bridge, and a vertical system will enable safe access to the towers.
Importantly, the quality materials used in the componentry of a Latchways ManSafe system is proven durable and reliable in even the worst climatic and environmental conditions. Worker safety is assured because system operations are unaffected by rain, snow, ice or adverse weather.

ManSafe installations include the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Tamar Bridge and Norway’s Lysefjord Bridge. A ManSafe system, known locally as BridgeClimb™, is also installed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to enable tourists to walk safely to the top of the span to enjoy spectacular views across the city and harbour.