This page contains links to all files that we are making available for download.

BBBEE Certificate

2013 FASSA Sales Brochure 4mb

Decending Rescue Device.mp4 6mb

Latchways documents

ManSafe for Buildings.pdf 365kb
ManSafe for Industry.pdf 393kb
Top Fixing Bracket.pdf 352kb
ManSafe for Ladders.pdf 446kb
ManSafe SRL.pdf 827kb
ManSafe Sealed SRL.pdf 1.3mb
ManSafe for Transmission Towers.pdf 2.4mb
ManSafe for Windows.pdf 1.3mb
ManSafe for Aircraft.pdf 1.5mb
Latchways Personal Rescue Device.pdf 2mb
ManSafe for Oil and Gas.pdf 1.6mb
Fit for Purpose-WalkSafe.pdf 868kb
Fit for Purpose-Constant Force System.pdf 3.7mb
Solar Panel Support Posts.pdf 1.3mb
ManSafe for Roofing.pdf 8.6mb
ManSafe for Telecoms.pdf 4.1mb
ManSafe for Utilities.pdf
RS300 Mobile Tank Platform.pdf