The Latchways ManSafe for Utilities system provides outstanding fall arrest protection for individuals working at height on electricity pylons. The inherent flexibility of the ManSafe design concept allows a system to be installed so that it closely follows the contours of the structure and include horizontal and inclined sections where appropriate.

Importantly, the quality materials used in the componentry of a Latchways ManSafe system is proven durable and reliable in even the worst climatic and environmental conditions. Worker safety is assured because system operations are unaffected by rain, snow, ice or adverse weather.

Another key feature is that, if a fall occurs from the system, a fluorescent red shaft extends from the energy absorber. This shaft is visible from ground level and by helicopter and so simplifies system inspection procedures.

To date, Latchways has provided ManSafe systems for over 2,000 different types of towers and compiled a database of the characteristics of each for on-going reference and speed in providing special bracketry.