Mansafe Systems

Latchways plc is the world leader in the design and manufacture of cable based fall arrest systems offering continuous protection to individuals working at height. Our ManSafeĀ® products are made using the highest quality components and meet or exceed all appropriate international standards.

Latchways ManSafeĀ® fall arrest systems offer you exceptional versatility. ManSafeĀ® systems are individually assembled from components especially designed to suit different types of buildings and may be specified to operate vertically, horizontally, around bends or on inclines. As a result, each system retains the inherent Latchways qualities of simplicity of installation and ease of use whilst also having additional functionality to meet specific application and environmental criteria.

ManSafe systems can be fitted to new buildings and structures or retrofitted to existing ones, and are suitable for applications as diverse as bridges, towers, office blocks, manufacturing plants, entertainment arenas and offshore platforms. Importantly, ManSafe is proven durable and reliable in virtually all climatic and environmental conditions.