Latchways ManSafe systems provide the ideal solution for ensuring worker safety at height in industrial environments. They can be installed to provide safe access for general maintenance tasks on the building, and they can be used as part of the industrial process providing safety as workers go about daily routines. Applications range from comparatively simple systems for a warehouse roof to multi-faceted systems across complex sites such as power stations.

The extraordinary versatility of the ManSafe concept provides a safety solution for virtually any application or user requirement. Systems can be created that link together and operate horizontally, up inclines and vertically on towers and ladders. There are overhead systems to protect workers operating above plant and machinery. And there are temporary systems, including a freestanding guardrail system, for one-off maintenance jobs or for where a permanent system cannot always be in the right place for the task in hand.

Latchways’ ManSafe systems can retrofitted or included as part of a new build. Importantly, the quality of the componentry is such that Latchways systems have been proven to be durable and reliable whatever the climate or environmental conditions.