There are two major versions of the Latchways ManSafe system commonly used to ensure worker safety at height in road and rail applications.

ManSafe horizontal , inclined and vertical systems are installed on the wide variety of buildings and structures to be found in the transport industry. Uses include maintenance and repair on applications as diverse as railway stations, bus stations, distribution warehouses, gantries, tunnels, bridges, signs and signalling boxes.

Using the same proven technology but in a different format, the ManSafe overhead system enables workers to conduct maintenance and inspection tasks along the tops of trains and lorries in sheds and loading bays. The use of high tension stainless steel cabling and the integration of Latchways’ unique constant force technology allows for single spans of up to 60 m and so significantly reduces the quantity of costly supports and anchoring points compared with conventional rail systems. Much longer systems are possible with a multi-span solutions featuring intermediate supports at 60 m intervals. ManSafe systems also easily accommodates changes in direction.